Monday, June 24, 2013

A Campaign within a Campaign

From time to time we do things that are not particularly comfortable or enjoyable, but we do them.  Sometimes out of necessity; others, accommodation. Sometimes we just don't know any better.  I have as yet to hear anyone comparing a mammogram or a colonoscopy as a spa treatment.  We still get them done, because they are important. 

Unlike my brother Tim, salesmanship is hardly my strength.  Tim can sell ice to an Eskimo.  Me?  I am always at odd with asking for money, so I almost never engage myself with fundraising activities.  But occasionally I might find a cause I truly want to be a part of, and I switch myself on like a pit bull (sans the lipstick...)  Some people call that "passion."  I prefer a simpler term, "coming alive."

Talk less.  Do more. 

Coconut Milk Buns
Photo courtesy of Adrian Rus
I bake good bread; I know that. That's because every loaf of bread has my secret ingredient that no professional baker can replicate:  Daisy's Love.  How hippie of me.  I care about who I bake for, and before the dough even rises, every loaf has an owner.  I believe my bread has "healing powers" - I believe every loaf of bread I bake injects a shot of gratitude in the world.  I believe gratitude makes the world go 'round.  I believe my bread helps change the world with an ever small Butterfly Effect!  

I am strangely eccentric about my bread.  I own my eccentricity.  I do not ever wish to change my attitude.  

"GaiMeiBao" or Cocktail Buns
Sweet buns with a filling of butter, pulverized sugar, and
finely shredded coconut flakes

                                            #   #   #

"Don't ask what the world needs.  Ask what makes you come alive and do it.  Because what the world needs is people who have come alive."Dr. Howard Thurman

Puget Sound Community School (PSCS) has always given me that "alive" feeling.  I am not directly affiliated with or employed by the school.  My husband Eric taught as a volunteer teacher for several terms; PSCS had a special place in his heart.  We support PSCS because we believe in its program.  We believe in its approach to education.  We believe in its approach to total human development.  

I want to help PSCS reach its goal of raising $15K in 15 Days Annual Giving Campaign, and I want to have some fun doing so. I also want to invite my friends to take part in it.  After all, a community is not being built by a few select individuals, but by groups of like-minded folks.  

I have to ask you for money.  And I have to sell my bread.  Suddenly a colonoscopy doesn't sound particularly uncomfortable... 

Here's the plan:  
Step 1.  Order my kick ass bread.  
Step 2.  Donate directly to PSCS online by 6/30/13.  That's JUNE 30.  

Here's the link

Apricots & Cream Cheese Braid

I don't care how much or how little you donate.  A dollar is good; three thousand dollars is also good.  Give what you want and what you can, but please donate directly to the school by 6/30/13 - the last day of the school's fiscal year.  If you wish, you may also donate it through the Eric Gilman Memorial Fund, which supports tuition aids.  The link above gives you all the details you need. 

And now, the menu.  Let's not over-complicate things. Just email me what you want.  As many as you want.  My email address is in the Contact Me tab at the top.  Then send your gift to PSCS.  YES, you got it, BY JUNE 30...  We'll figure out the delivery details later.  That's small stuff. 

  • Kick Ass Cinnamon Swirl (free raisins!)
  • Kick Ass "Hyper-Local" Raspberries & Cream Cheese Braid (I pick raspberries from my garden just for you)
  • Kick Ass Honey Whole Wheat (You haven't had WW until you try my WW)
  • Kick Ass Coconut Milk Buns (Just what it says:  Made with coconut and coconut milk)
  • Kick Ass Classic White (The best PB & J or grilled cheese you will ever taste)

Please do not be offended by my straight-forward descriptions.  There is simply no point to beat around the bush.  I mean, who wants to waste time on marginally-good bread?
By the way, I bake my bread with organic ingredients whenever practical.  All bread is baked in my oven and I have two trusted loaf pans - so your patience is greatly appreciated.  And if you live or work anywhere outside of King County, WA, I am really sorry but I won't be able to deliver bread to you at this time.  It will be lovely if you still choose to participate in the PSCS Annual Giving Campaign!  

You just increased readership on my blog and made me feel really good about myself.  For that, I thank you.  For those who decide to send a gift to PSCS, thank you for your generous support.  For those who decide to send a gift through the Eric Gilman Memorial Fund, I am immensely grateful and humbled.  

And to you all, I bid you a healthy and active summer that overflows with laughter and joy.

Now the disclaimer:  I am not reaping any benefits from PSCS or your gift.  I doubt anyone in PSCS knows I'm having a campaign within its campaign, as nobody there even knows I write a blog, let alone read it... I already said I am not an employee of PSCS.  I am donating my time, efforts, and costs of all ingredients. 100% of your gift goes to PSCS.  As for my bread, I'm just sowing Seeds of Karma... 

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